The management of the dormitory is carried out by the so-called senior council, which consists of the chairmen of the individual teams, as well as the dormitory treasurer, the head of the dormitory, the tutor and the spokespersons.

The Senior Council meets at least once a semester to discuss the current affairs of the dormitory and to discuss and vote on the desired larger expenses (more than 400,- €) of the individual teams.

The dormitory administration consists of the following nine persons (even if only the male form is mentioned here for reasons of legibility, women are of course not excluded, but are even represented in a large number on the senior council!):

  • Dorm leader
    Description: Contact persons
  • Tutor
    Description: Contact persons
  • Barteam leader
    The head of the bar team is the chairman of the bar team. He takes care of all organizational matters relating to the weekly dormitory pub.
  • Networking team leader
    The network team leader is the chief administrator of the server, the website, etc.
  • Wasching Maschines attendant
    The washing machine attendant is the contact person for all technical problems of washing machines and dryers. The washing machine attendant is elected by the residents of the dormitory.
  • 3 House Speaker
    Description: Contact persons
  • Treasure manager
    The dormitory treasurer manages the dormitory treasury, into which all those incomes go. The cashier is elected by the residents of the dormitory.